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"From pies...

                to cakes...

                           to Brides...

Sugar City's inspiration is my memaw and the women of my family."


Carron  Short
Founder - President & CEO

Our team has a heart for what we do. We strive to provide a quality product for a reasonable price. We are a family owned and operated business. Founder, Carron Short, has worked with hundreds of couples creating stunning celebrations of all sizes with her services for over 20 years and has a family history of serving Dallas for more than 50.​

It's what we do!


In 1956 my Memaw opened her first café The Pink Elephant. Over the next three decades she owned and operated several cafés along Hwy 175 in Southeast Dallas County with the most popular being Stewarts at 175 & Buckner Blvd. She became well known in the area for her pies and even other restaurant owners sold her pies in their stores. Some of the best memories I have as a child are of making and delivering pies with my memaw. She died when I was 13 but before she did, she passed on a love for food, the love of preparing it and best of all the love of serving and sharing it with others.​


My addition to this family food legacy is cake! Beautiful pieces of artwork that look too good to eat but taste too good not to, Made with memories of my childhood, experience of my history and with passion in my heart.


In 2010, Sugar City became my fulltime passion. 2015, the Sugar City family grew with the addition of my highschool sweetheart, Walter, joining as the head chef. In 2019, the family was complete when we got married. We have a beautiful love story, we’d like to know yours.


From pies... to candy... to cakes... to BRIDES, Sugar City's inspiration is my memaw and the women of my family. The strongest women I know.​


Carron J. Short, President & CEO, Sugar City Celebrations

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Our family owned company has been making wedding and events perfect for more than a decade. Lead by a husband and wife team, Walter and Carron have a passion for what they do. As high school sweethearts, they were inseparable, but life did separate them and after 30 years they joined together both personally and professionally to build a business together that celebrates love.

Sugar City…because Love is Sweet!

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