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Sugar City cakes are our pride an joy and are exclusively available to our full service Elegant Affair brides. 

 Our signature recipe desserts are rich and decadent made with love to help you celebrate your very special occasion. Our cakes and icings are hand crafted from scratch using only all natural, fair trade ingredients like sweet cream butter, cage free eggs and farm fresh whipping cream. Our goal is to always support our local sources when available while balancing our philosophy of luxury affordability. Our cakes are beautiful but our focus is on the taste, we will never sacrifice the taste for style. 

Cake Flavors 

Icing Options

almond buttercream 

vanilla cream cheese

lime swiss meringue

maple bourbon buttercream

lemon chiffon swiss meringue

raspberry buttercream

brown sugar cream cheese

whipping cream swiss meringue

pineapple cream cheese

toasted toffee buttercream

chocolate fudge ganache

caramel drizzle swiss meringue

marshmallow buttercream

Mexican hot chocolate buttercream  

toasted  coconut caramel cream cheese

mocha dusted vanilla swiss meringue

to name a few....


tuxedo chocolate 

coconut crème dream  

butter pecan  


white chocolate

cinnamon roll

black forest chocolate 


crème brulee 

chocolate caramel turtle    

peanut butter crème

smore love   

spicy cinnamon  vanilla

carrot spice delight


plus more...

Custom Wedding Cakes
Wedding Planner

Hot Chocolate

& Coffee Bar

Vintage Soda 


Swiss Mocha Chocolate & Robust Fresh Brewed Coffee served with sweet candy toppings & whipped cream  

Glass bottle soda adorably displayed in a wheel barrel and buckets with stripped straws in your colors


Let Them Eat Cake Bar

Mini Cake Petite Display of 3 choices of

Flavor & Icing Combinations

Candy, Pie, Dessert, Smores

Trail Mix or Popcorn Bar

$4 per serving

Custom Designed & Displayed

Included to match your décor

Favor Treat Bars

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